Rec.Juggling Archive, March 17, 1997

17-004317 DICK FRANCO          Re: Help on forming a routine
17-030459 Mad Hatter           Re: BREATHING FIRE
17-033055 Jack Schudel         Re: Club Multiplexing Help
17-043148 QBOB                 Numbers record lists (related to the 9 ball ju
17-044103 QBOB                 Submissions to the JIS help files
17-054314 eskalinder@macaleste Jay Gilligan
17-054813 Bill Giduz           Re: Please leave your firearms at the door
17-072531 Patrik Hedmalm       7 balls
17-122247 Patrik Hedmalm       Number of jugglers
17-150000 Greg Warrington      Announcing v. 1.0 of [MA][GNU]S - Java-based j
17-160746 Jay Jay the Clown    Re: Jay Gilligan
17-233044 Daniel Collins       Re: Misanthropic Jugglers ou Jongleurs Misanth
17-233047 Daniel Collins       Re: know any good household props?

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