Rec.Juggling Archive, March 11, 1997

11-025346 Carl Cerecke         Strings juggling
11-071023 Michael Ferguson     Re: Alignment in room
11-085802 Michael Ferguson     Re: British Juggling Convention
11-100109 Tim Sheppard         Re: Steel ball bearings....
11-120117 Mike S               Re: Please leave your firearms at the door
11-121411 Mike S               Re: torches
11-122323 Mark Tillotson       Re: What is Juggling???
11-133826 Ice Princess         Re: Dube Tips
11-160535 "G.Archenhold"       Re: multiplexes
11-201926 Dan Scoffings        Cleaning clubs
11-211526 JIS Festivals Editor Latest JIS Festival Updates
11-225528 Alan Mackenzie       Re: British Juggling Convention
11-233932 We have taken the Hassles out of the net

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