Rec.Juggling Archive, February 19, 1997

19-051116 icanjuggle2-maybebet Fight! Fight!
19-062224 Matt F. Cary         Re: Bizarre juggling accidents
19-070411 Milan de Vries       practice vs. performance
19-071730 Milan de Vries       people who got robbed
19-104323 Mark Tillotson       Re: Fire breathing - Appology..
19-114850 rfs1                 Re: Bizarre juggling accidents
19-122714 Little Paul          Re: Flare clubs
19-130209 Chris Dunlop         Taunton (UK) convention?
19-153152 David 'Mort' Mortman Re: New Toy
19-153547 Mike S               Re: Desert Island, which props to take?
19-153957   Re: reply & comments from Dick Franco
19-154211 QBOB                 Re: BURKE'S BARRAGE
19-155610 QBOB                 Re: The Encyclopędia and Burke's Barrage
19-164317 Cutme                Re: Bizarre juggling accidents
19-165630 Stephane Saux        Re: New Toy
19-220414  a little success among lots of failure
19-222626 KungFu               Re: Special offer
19-223535 Vince Darley         Re: Bounce "slabs"

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