Rec.Juggling Archive, January 25, 1997

25-001434 Average              Know these tricks?
25-004258 Nathan Hoover        Re: Siteswaps - new/interesting (5-ball) ones?
25-005246 John Offenhartz      Re: Scam Alert
25-012034 Jeff Mulherin        Re: Scam Alert
25-014604 Alan Morgan          Re: A variety of comments
25-020454 CJ Carlisle          Re: Ground Hog's Day Festival
25-023230 Amanda Dalton        From Mandy in Annapolis MD, to all my friends 
25-023758 "C Wright"           Re: Collisions galore in 60 pattern
25-025131 Dale Rueber          Re: Started Juggling at what age?
25-041017 Paul Halter          Re: Started Juggling at what age?
25-041824 Paul Halter          Re: Sticks and other thoughts
25-042551 Paul Halter          Re: to juggle or not to juggle, that is the qu
25-043025 Tim Johnston         Robotic Juggling
25-044626 Joseph Manning       Re: Know these tricks?
25-053450 Nathan Hoover        Re: what age juggling
25-055012   Re: Diabolo Videos
25-055341   Re: Tendovaginitis, anyone?
25-063609 Barton Chittenden    Re: Know these tricks?
25-072827 Tony Morrissey       Arthritis
25-080801 Michael Ferguson     Re: Siteswaps - new/interesting (5-ball) ones?
25-080847 Michael Ferguson     Re: Looking for Clarification
25-114234 Scott Sorensen       Re:sticks &  other thoughts
25-140953 Freddy Vaca          Una queja a SERVICOM.
25-145654 Greg Warrington      Re: Siteswaps - new/interesting (5-ball) ones?
25-170000 Jim Small            Re: ASCII virus (was: Scam Alert)
25-173425 Bennett Kobb         Re: Arthritis
25-180140 Jeff Beal            Re: Started Juggling at what age?
25-194721 Andrew John Conway   Re: Know these tricks?
25-194824 John J Lee           Re: Started Juggling at what age?
25-211847 Glenn D. Turner      Re: Scam Alert

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