Rec.Juggling Archive, January 18, 1997

18-020346 thomasl              Re: A variety of comments
18-020406 Dusty temporarly cyber-disabled
18-045654 Matt Brubeck         Re: 4 Balls
18-063021 Allen Knutson        Re: World Record Again
18-065126 Allen Knutson        Re: to juggle or not to juggle, that is the qu
18-090509 Re: Your Top Ten of Contemporary Performing Ju
18-103349 Alex Haynes          Re: books & my mother
18-134214 Greg Borah and Nita  Does StonyBrook,NY juggling club still exist?
18-222010 THE  COPY  CAT   SHO CD Recordable Media
18-230744 Dan Bammes           contact juggling

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