Rec.Juggling Archive, December 6, 1996

06-012809 Rishi Batra          Re: UK terminology
06-041959 Barton Chittenden    Re: Juggling Club question
06-080430 Simon Tatham         Re: New mess, I think
06-101053 Dave Budd            Steve Rawlings on "How Do They Do That?"
06-104657 "C Wright"           Re: Science and juggling
06-122039 Ewan the distant one Re: 5 balls and 4 ball mills mess
06-122619 Ewan the distant one Re: Mushy Pea re-opened
06-134209 Ice Princess         Re: Kettering Fest...WHERE?
06-140304 Mark Tillotson       Re: UK terminology
06-165944 Tcat                 Anyone seen or heard from Susan Klein? Corvall
06-172105 Edward Jackman       Re: What's a "Nizer"?
06-174527 Don Lewis            Re: Kettering Fest...WHERE?
06-195821 Steve Coughlan       Another fun passing pattern
06-213135 Eric Olivares        Re: UK terminology

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