Rec.Juggling Archive, October 14, 1996

14-004818 Dr Phil Gurney       Re: What's tougher: 5 or 6?
14-043347 Dusty712             Re: Quad Cities JUGGLEFEST, November 8-10
14-083343 R Biegler            Re: Diabolo Babache/Dube??
14-094939 David I Seidman      5 harder than six?
14-095426 Andrew John Conway   Re: IJA and Festivals
14-095507 Andrew John Conway   Competition Philosophy (was Re: IJA and Festiv
14-095542 Andrew John Conway   Q - Travelling Snake
14-110112 Never Grow Up!       Juggler Needed
14-113728 Graham Read          Donald Grant on TV tonight
14-120253 Johnny Hopper        Re: Donald Grant on TV tonight
14-175422 Matthew Misbach      Comdex
14-182041 DShaff8753           Re: Juggling's a hit with problem kids
14-195455 Tim Sheppard         Re: 5 harder than six?
14-204742 Seth Golub           Re: IJA for International Jugglers
14-214245 Mike Weber           Re: Difficulty formula for site swaps
14-214952 Rupert Voelcker      Latest JIS Festival Updates
14-215048 EERac                Numbers with Rings
14-220601 WILJUGL5             Re: JIS...can't get to it...):

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