Rec.Juggling Archive, October 7, 1996

07-010409 Renard               CELEBRATION BARN HALLOWEEN SHOW
07-014419 Duane Starcher       Vancouver Juggling Club Meetings
07-021833 Scott Allen Cain     Performers Needed for Dayton Fest Public Show
07-025856 Gregory Edwards      Classes at the 1996 Lodi Juggling Festival
07-093630 Dave Budd            Re: Bees can fly!
07-131509 Don Lewis            Re: IJA and Festivals
07-133828 Timothy E. Vaughan   Re: Endurance record??
07-214319 Mike Weber           Re: Thank you & another question
07-214329 Francis Favorini     Re: Eight ball flash?
07-215029 Francis Favorini     Re: Ooblick; and the IJA's *real* benefits...

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