Rec.Juggling Archive, September 25, 1996

25-003700 Stephane Saux        Re: confused too
25-021352 KBrown9876           Re: Looking for The Zen of Juggling
25-022618 Nathan Hoover        Re: "uncascadable" four balls
25-025153 Ken Iwasa            Counting catches Re: Five balls
25-034034 Heather Tunney       Re: site swap question
25-035333 Heather Tunney       Re: juggling as a terapy ?
25-040246 Chandler Wilkerson   Re: Juggling with a Strobe Light
25-060144 ten                  Re: "uncascadable" four balls
25-071346 Chandler Wilkerson   Re: Can ya do one more?
25-084739 Rupert Voelcker      Lates JIS Festival Updates
25-185735 Atticus Gifford      Guennadi Tregroub
25-204406 Barry Friedman       Re: Juggling keyer for ham radio
25-215406 Matt Brubeck         Re: "uncascadable" four balls

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