Rec.Juggling Archive, September 12, 1996

12-000708 chicken guy of akron carpet spinning?
12-000830 chicken guy of akron VA Tech club
12-001155 Patricia J Crayton   Re: Juggling stories
12-012304 Dusty712             Re: Michael Moshen Itinerary
12-050142 Gary Ward            FREE CABLE/PAY-PER-VIEW
12-080649 Re: Silica Gel Source? (Was: Frugal Juggling)
12-114410 G.S.Sinclair         Re: Torches at night
12-131808 Geoff Thorpe         Re: Juggling in zero gravity
12-132425 Geoff Thorpe         Re: N.Z. circus school - how is it going?
12-151218 LMuney               To serious whip-artists and collectors
12-161848 James J. Barlow      Re: Michael Moshen Itinerary
12-162854 Mark Cosdon          Paper Ephemera
12-182533 Jean-Marc Vezien     Re: Flying Karamazovs in NYC
12-191111 G.S.Sinclair         Re: wot the beard's hiding -- no clothes!
12-234439 Alan Morgan          Re: helicopter spins with devil sticks

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