Rec.Juggling Archive, August 19, 1996

19-010809 Dr Phil Gurney       Re: making Diablos
19-021327 Heather Tunney       Re: Shower Help
19-022512 Scott Hone           Re: rec.juggling party at Grenoble
19-024120 Bill Giduz           Madagascar Juggling
19-024706 Bill Giduz           Need photos from Grenoble
19-063451 Dr Phil Gurney       Re: making Diablos
19-070109 Daniel Collins       Re: Rubenstein's Revenge with clubs
19-102510 Simon Tatham         Re: Rubenstein's Revenge: HELP!
19-141152 Marc Espie           Re: Grenoble Diary Part 2  (Long)
19-144011 Mats Rydgren         Juggle stores in Florida?
19-172823 Help for juggling clubs without spin.
19-203557 CyberBastard         Re: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
19-223153 Hart Family          Re: Who knows the history of clubs???
19-231124 SherlockGN           more contact juggling
19-233704 Castan79             Re: Shower Help
19-233733 sky                  Re: What is good juggling music?
19-235327 sky                  Re: Children's stories featuring juggling?
19-235541 Eric Olivares        Silicone Woes

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