Rec.Juggling Archive, August 14, 1996

14-042436 Daniel Collins       Re: Frugal Juggling
14-093318 Adam Buckley         Juggling & Kite Festival - UK
14-120814 Gerald R. Martin     Re: latest issue of JW
14-132724 Ice Princess         Baltimore Jugglers' Assoc. Annual Picnic
14-172010 Hary Walsh           Re: What is good juggling music?
14-172316 Hary Walsh           Re: Rubenstein's Revenge with clubs
14-180527 Gordon E. Peterson I Re: What do you have to lose
14-185051 Eric Olivares        Flying Karamozov (?) Brothers
14-203942 Frédéric Grange      Want some informations about Cirque du soleil 
14-213538 Johnny Hopper        Edinburgh Festival Juggling on Line

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