Rec.Juggling Archive, August 12, 1996

12-004628 Scott Hone           chainsaw man!
12-023510 Dane Torbenson       Re: Transparent Acrylic Balls/Contact Juggling
12-044901 Sandy J. Murray      In need of Expert Advice . . .
12-100810 AJ Longley           Re: Knives.....
12-112231 Gerald R. Martin     If you were in Rapid City...
12-150114 Walter Lee Beals     Re: chainsaw man!
12-155823 Mike Excell          Re: Advice sought on juggling balls/beanbags
12-192439     Re: Frugal Juggling
12-193407 JIS Software Editor  JIS Software Updates Back on Track
12-203427 Tim Drozinski        Re: Frugal Contact Juggling
12-230608 Sean Harris          Ottawa Jugglers' Jam Revived
12-233011 Richard Horne        Re: Oz Juggle Magazine
12-233105 Stephane Saux        Re: Juggling in the Olympics
12-233729 Richard Horne        New Zealand Juggling Magazine

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