Rec.Juggling Archive, July 24, 1996

24-012748 thomasl              YOUR big break!
24-012854 Donniker             looking for Mark Faye/Fagey (?)
24-032340 Starr Cooksey        Re: Looking for the Flaming Idiots
24-045348 Andrew John Conway   Do not read this either (was Re: Do not read t
24-045407 Andrew John Conway   Re: Knives.....
24-061647 Daniel Collins       Re: Mills Miss
24-063309 Barton Chittenden    Re: Mills Miss
24-070329 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Juggling on TV
24-071154 Re: problems performing
24-074007 JKalvan              Re: IJA Numbers Comps?
24-091357 Ken Zetie            Re: Juggling in the Olympics
24-092445 Pat Nealy            Re: So Who Won?
24-094749 Chris Raper          Re: Getting started
24-132705 Bennett Kobb         So Who Won?
24-134339 B. A. User           Juggling in Ottawa
24-135531 Chris Raper          Re: Mills Miss
24-145013 slmoskow@mailer.fsu. Re: Another senseless juggling related injury
24-145940    Re: Knives.....
24-160924 a226@Lehigh.EDU      New Date for JoAnn's Rebroadcast on Mister Rog
24-162542 Do not read this.
24-170142 thomasl              Re: So Who Won?
24-171050   Re: Another senseless juggling related injury
24-180303 Jason Forbes         Juggling in the Olympics
24-192534 Eric Olivares        Re: Mills Miss
24-194705 Allen Knutson        Re: Grenoble ...
24-202529 Ralph Ray Craig      Re: Knives.....
24-202839 thomasl              Rapid City -- did you see...
24-215328 Andrew Arhelger      Wrist injuries
24-223529 Jennings B           re: ija convention

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