Rec.Juggling Archive, July 22, 1996

22-001149 Chris Raper          Re: Mills Miss
22-001942 Daniel Collins       Re: Unicycling Successes
22-002952 Daniel Collins       Re: 5 Ball Learning
22-014642 David C Wiesendanger Diablos...buying
22-014927 David C Wiesendanger rings...which ones
22-020612 Al remlap            Club advice wanted
22-031614 Andrew John Conway   Re: rings...which ones
22-032237 Andrew John Conway   Re: Three Clubs in one hand.
22-032647 Anthony Breeds Tauri Re: Mills Miss
22-033420 Anthony Breeds Tauri Re: Tips on juggling 5 balls please
22-033725 Anthony Breeds Tauri Re: 5 Ball Learning
22-040220 Andrew John Conway   Hall of Fame - Massimiliano Truzzi
22-042207 thomasl              Re: festival winners?
22-043000 Barton Chittenden    Excersize for 5 ball
22-043805 Scott Hone           3 ball tricks
22-064427 Aquanata             Re: Juggling in the Movies
22-065917 Scott Hone           thanks to the JIS
22-075354 Robert M. Dye        Re: Most common misconceptions among the layfo
22-075544 Jim Lloyd            Re: Excersize for 5 ball
22-110758 Rob Stone            Re: Grenoble ...
22-111215 Rob Stone            Re: problems performing
22-120713 Dennis Sullivan      Getting started
22-131635 Gisli Leifsson       Re: Three Clubs in one hand.
22-181712 Mike Brogdon         Cirque Du Soleil (sp?) in Atlanta
22-183537 Rich Tatum           Weighted Juggling
22-184116 Chris                IRC Channel
22-185109 TIEMANN BRUCE        Re: Three Clubs in one hand.
22-192526 bob crowther         old club falling apart
22-200238 batto@Ac.Grin.Edu    Juggling in the Olympics
22-203110 AJ Jillings          Club Swinging/Juggling Courses in U.K. (ad.)
22-210958 JLCarson             Re: Getting started
22-213016 101733.1140@compuser Jugglingclub in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
22-231734 a226@Lehigh.EDU      Change of Date for JoAnn's rebroadcast
22-232943 Adrian Taylor        Hello from STRATOSPHERE

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