Rec.Juggling Archive, July 18, 1996

18-000539 Eric Olivares        Best Balls!
18-002129 Richard Horne        Re: Most common misconceptions?
18-004216 Daniel Collins       Re: Rola Bola?
18-004653 Daniel Collins       Re: latex juggling balls
18-010102 Daniel Collins       Re: YES! Clubs!
18-020213 Andrew John Conway   Grenoble rec.juggling party?
18-050147 Andrew John Conway   Re: Knives.....
18-052630 Coldfish             Re: Festivals on east coast?
18-061434 Marcsu               ???ErikĘ's extention???
18-063351 Barton Chittenden    Re: Best Balls!
18-072507 Re: Most common misconceptions among the layfo
18-075335 Re: joggling
18-092502 Andrew John Conway   The Jugglers' ABC
18-093404 Sandy Krause         Performer needed in Los Angeles area
18-140627 Tim Sheppard         Re: Hello from STRATOSPHERE .. Spanish Query
18-151334 Tony Morrissey       Re: Juggling story in _This is True_
18-152043 Steven M. Laskoske   Re: Festivals on east coast?
18-153024 Gedaliah Friedenberg 3 ball back crosses
18-155718 Jeff                 Tips on juggling 5 balls please
18-171605 a226@Lehigh.EDU      Rebroadcast of JoAnn's appearance on Mister Ro
18-173120 Rob Street           Re: Three Clubs in one hand.
18-182219 "C Wright"           Review requested ...
18-182733 Stephane Saux        Re: Upside down juggling
18-182822 Rodirick             Re: Chicago Juggling Stores
18-204320 er Gutierrez         Unicycling Successes
18-205459 Carey Bunks          Version 1.1 of "The Lasso: A Rational Guide to
18-214100 R Ward               PIXTRIX - juggling software
18-215510 Ralph Ray Craig      Re: Knives.....
18-235117 Richard Hasty        Re: Most common misconceptions?

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