Rec.Juggling Archive, July 16, 1996

16-004725 Brent Cox            Most common misconceptions among the layfolk?
16-013935 Jason Forbes         Re: Juggling in the Movies
16-022232 Dan McD              Re: Will the championships be broadcast on irc
16-022633 Jay C Batzner        Crowd Pleasing
16-025827 Ralph Ray Craig      Way off-topic Was: How many five ball jugglers
16-074215 Questaroni           re: Re: San Francisco School of Circus Arts
16-094047 Earl Crabb           RE: Devil Sticks
16-121223 Brian D Milner       Re: Another senseless juggling related injury
16-171827   What's the exchange rate from dollars to Pound
16-174717 CJ Juggler           British Video
16-183914 "C Wright"           Grenoble ...
16-184952 Chris Raper          Re: newbie-dude
16-194212 Johnny Hopper        Re: Looking for Juggling group in Holland
16-212130 TIEMANN BRUCE        Showering lots; 3 clubs for a while, and a mis

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