Rec.Juggling Archive, July 11, 1996

11-000808 RickPrev             R.C. - need splash pad for 1 night
11-013011 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Cirque du Soleil in Olympic ceremony?
11-013323 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Juggling in the comics
11-062601 ZUBAZ                Re: a contact ball
11-073525 G. Ledger            a contact ball
11-074127 Rodirick             Re: Three Clubs in one hand.
11-090851 Simon Tatham         Re: Best 3...5 BALL MILS SITE SWAP
11-110207 Peter Lister         Re: Another senseless juggling related injury
11-122215 Lars Burgstahler     Arosa Convention (CH) II
11-143755 Andrew John Conway   Re: Looking for kid-sized clubs
11-183308 er Gutierrez         Re: a contact ball
11-202927 Keith Simister       Re: a contact ball
11-210016 Heather Tunney       Re: latex juggling balls
11-213353 Raymond Bowers       Hotels near the Fest in Rapid City??
11-213829 Raymond Bowers       Contact Juggling Workshop in Rapid City
11-221143 ray                  Will the championships be broadcast on irc?
11-230921 bakalor mark russell Re: Will the championships be broadcast on irc

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