Rec.Juggling Archive, July 9, 1996

09-012927 Lisa J. Criswell     Contest -- Win Your Wish
09-015246 Eric Promislow       More shaker cup suggestions
09-020503 Jeff Sensabaugh      Re: Rola Bola?
09-025824 Jason Forbes         Prodigy Jugglers
09-045308 Coldfish             Re: Crowd Pleasing Tricks
09-045928 Gerald Shifrin       Another senseless juggling related injury
09-050326 Coldfish             Re: Circomedia END OF YEAR SHOW Need Review
09-051030 Coldfish             street performing
09-051708 Coldfish             Belle-Cher
09-070615 diabolo@worldnet.att Re: Shaker Cups
09-073042 diabolo@worldnet.att Re: Rola Bola?
09-112454 Tiryn Fischer        Re: Learning 5 clubs
09-151540 Mark Tillotson       Re: The Reviewer's Lament
09-151749 B. A. User           Juggling in odd places and jugglers handcuffs
09-153605 Rhett Farber         back in taipei (taiwan)...have balls will trav
09-155835 Jennings B           re Peter Davison
09-165221 Anthony Breeds Tauri Re: Three Clubs in one hand.
09-165609 Frugal               Re: Another senseless juggling related injury
09-165736 Ron A. Zajac         ANNOUNCE: McKinney (Dallas TX area) Juggling C
09-170426 Anthony Breeds Tauri The Missing Mike
09-205127 Shana Miller         a year at Circomedia
09-211339 Torbj|rn Andersson   Impressions from the Nordic Juggling Conventio
09-233607 SARAN MAN            Re: top 10 six foot unicycle comments
09-234507 SARAN MAN            Re: Juggling in the Movies
09-235550 SARAN MAN            She liked me... SHe really really liked me!!!

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