Rec.Juggling Archive, July 3, 1996

03-000648 Roger W. C. Hansen   Re: Help Me
03-010817 Ron A. Zajac         Michael Menes schedule?
03-043834 Gerald R. Martin     Was: lawyers &c.
03-044757 L and BK B           Re: Shaker Cup suggestions
03-052848 Tom Blackwell        Wow! (was: Re: Clubs)
03-060352 Re: Shaker Cup suggestions
03-070420 diabolo@worldnet.att Re: juggling with 4 balls
03-071935 diabolo@worldnet.att Re: Shaker Cup suggestions
03-073055 ScottCram            Re: San Francisco/Bay Area Juggling
03-094932 Rob Stone            Re: The Reviewer's Lament
03-131142 Don Lewis            Re: HELP PLEASE.
03-142926 Eric Promislow       Re: Shaker Cup suggestions
03-144432 Rodney Barton        Re: Shaker Cup suggestions
03-145847 Christopher S. Kush  Etymology of `oogle' (was Re: The Reviewer's L
03-161930 Stewart Hutton       Re: The Reviewer's Lament
03-171501 nobleman             Re: Which Clubs to Get?? (sortof like2)
03-173752 Alan Morgan          Re: Best 3 ball tricks (a little long)
03-175742 Dusty712             Re: Torches
03-190219 Matthew Wakeman      Re: Five Ball Juggling
03-191723 Frugal               Re: Torches
03-201120 sky                  Re: Michael Menes schedule?

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