Rec.Juggling Archive, June 28, 1996

28-014448 Ken Rogerson         San Francisco/Bay Area Juggling
28-040827 Frugal               Re: Clubs
28-041503 Frugal               Re: Which Clubs to Get?? (sortof like2)
28-041837 Frugal               Searching for good knives
28-044814 Tom Blackwell        Clubs
28-050810 Andrew John Conway   Re: Were You Adopted?
28-050814 Andrew John Conway   Re: Searching for good knives
28-051328             Re: How can I learn to juggle?
28-060938 Scott Hone           Re: pain!
28-070140 Juggling Information JIS update and summary of services
28-071213 The Magic Of JACOB.  Re: How can I learn to juggle?
28-080332 Lars Burgstahler     Re: (Q) 5 Balls Miss Mess - possible?
28-083119 Michael Ferguson     Re: juggling with 4 balls
28-083540 Eric Olivares        Re: Clubs
28-091328 David d              The Furthur Adventures of the FKB
28-102729 Angus Lamond         Grace
28-112955 Dusty712             Re: answering Conway, proposals for the IJA
28-120855 SARAN MAN            Re: Clubs
28-121037 SARAN MAN            Re: pain!
28-121207 SARAN MAN            is there a performers or buskers news group?
28-154945 Jerry Shifrin        Re: Clubs
28-175737 Annie Lancaster      Re: Were You Adopted?
28-194532 John Abernethy       Could someone post some places to get juggling
28-203122 David d              Re: Flying Karamazov Brothers
28-204823 John Abernethy       4 ball mill's mess.
28-211201 Jerry Shifrin        Flying Karamazov Brothers
28-222738 Re: answering Conway, proposals for the IJA
28-230812 Elio Ramos Colon     555.. + pain
28-234900 Andrine              Re: Flying Karamazov Brothers

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