Rec.Juggling Archive, June 19, 1996

19-004718 Coldfish             Re: IS there a home page?
19-013038 Nathan Hoover        Re: Diabolo High Toss  was  Re: 2 Diabolo reco
19-023532 Alan Morgan          Re: Trivia from the WWW
19-035804 MagicMan             JUGGLING at WHOLESALE
19-064145 Maarten Dinger       8 Club Passing
19-065448 Re: Animal impersonations
19-070236 Richard Horne        Re: IS there a home page?
19-071219 thomasl              Re: Clubs and Balls . . .
19-072637 Jeff Huber           Clubs, which ones should I buy?? Help!!!
19-075319 Scott Hone           A moment of Silence
19-103634 Rob Stone            Re: IS there a home page?
19-114437  Re: Five balls
19-122248 Coldfish             Re: Challenge of Juggler's Handcuffs!
19-122313 Rick Rubenstein      Re: A call to rename "the pattern formerly kno
19-123132 Coldfish             Re: A moment of Silence
19-124038 Coldfish             Five balls
19-124932 Coldfish             DC Festival
19-131552 Andrew John Conway   Re: IS there a home page?
19-133213 Lars Burgstahler     Re: 8 Club Passing
19-141323 VivecaGard           Re: Pomp Duck & Circumstance
19-150239 Rob Stone            Re: 8 Club Passing
19-155015 Sarah Tuttle         Re: Make Big Money, Patent your Juggling Moves
19-165129 Magnus Dehli         How many five ball jugglers?
19-170131 Robert L Phillips Jr Tape on clubs.
19-172017 Nicholas Gray        Shops in Dublin?
19-173031 Jim Albarano         Re: Five balls
19-173734 AJ. Dorn             Re: London juggling
19-191440 Webmaster            Re: Clubs, which ones should I buy?? Help!!!
19-193230 IJA Web Master       IJA Festival Workshops
19-194521 Jonathan I. Perry    Another Movie Sighting
19-204041 Francis Favorini     Re: Bouncing Four and Five Balls
19-211953 Jim Humphries        How can I learn to juggle?
19-233843 Alan Mackenzie       The Reviewer's Lament

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