Rec.Juggling Archive, June 7, 1996

07-004148 Dr Phil Gurney       Re: A call to rename "the pattern formerly kno
07-005836 Ken Iwasa            Juggling on TV...
07-014613   Re: what every juggler knows?
07-014617   Re: Juggling as non-competitive
07-014620   Re: friendly rec.juggling (was: Re: Wanted: Cu
07-021132 Webmaster            Re: Peter Davison on TV
07-021737 Webmaster            Juggling behind the back and under the arm.
07-050241   Re: Peter Davison on TV
07-083932 Harold Jarvie        Juggling songs for kids
07-103833 stewart@circustuff.c Re: BJC96/thomasl - the organisers response.
07-114058 Rob Stone            Re: Juggling as non-competitive
07-122111 Tim Leighton-Boyce   Re: UK juggling; more wimpy; Bennett's style; 
07-181528 Heather Tunney       Re: Juggling as non-competitive
07-234036 Dusty712             Re: Juggling on TV...

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