Rec.Juggling Archive, June 4, 1996

04-001610 Chip Morris          Peter Davidson
04-001758 Chip Morris          Peter Davidson
04-001846 Chip Morris          Peter Davidson
04-025111 Tom Stockfisch       Re: A call to rename "the pattern formerly kno
04-060522 Byron T. Watts       Re: left-handed diabolo?
04-093144 VivecaGard           Re: Peter Davidson
04-095314 Johnny Hopper        Re: BJC96 Not Bitter, Just Spiteful
04-131201 "C Wright"           Re: Peter Davison on TV
04-133050 Tim Chippington Derr Campus 96 - July/August in Devon England
04-143221 JAMESF@DELPHI.COM    Re: left-handed diabolo?
04-151924 Mirko Liss           Re: left-handed diabolo?
04-161337 AJ. Dorn             Re: Mandy on TV Aaarrggghhh
04-190458 Alexander Poquet     Re: Juggling as non-competitive
04-194202 James Leonard        ALL WRITERS
04-194608 l. thomas            Scotland (art, honesty, poetry, and pride)
04-204508 Ralph Ray Craig      Sunny D site
04-205911 Jonathan Wiltse      Re: Peter Davison on TV
04-210206 TIEMANN BRUCE        UK juggling; more wimpy; Bennett's style; and 
04-224420 "C Wright"           Can someone please ...

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