Rec.Juggling Archive, May 15, 1996

15-000515 "C Wright"           Re: Spot the difference....
15-012304 David Berg           white male thing?
15-022426 Chris Pugmire        Re: Mills mess question
15-030229 Bill Giduz           Just a test, ignore this message
15-050355 Scott Hone           Re: Balancing tips?
15-065506 Andrew John Conway   Re: New Anonymous Remailer
15-102202 Dusty712             Re: History of Nat'l Juggling Day?
15-110630 M.J. Harper          Re: BEAT THIS--bet you cant
15-140344 Andrew John Conway   Aloha Boogie Down Jugglers
15-190822 Andy Morgan          Re: New Juggler (perhaps)
15-191724 C.N. Eberhardt       Any Kids Juggling Games???
15-194847 Michael O'Donnell    Wanted: Cute/Funny/Punny/Smartass phrases/slog
15-205853 Ken Iwasa            Re: 5 balls anyone
15-213742 Painthog             Re: New Juggler (perhaps)

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