Rec.Juggling Archive, May 11, 1996

11-000033 "C Wright"           Re: Juggling on Television  (UK - Open Univers
11-002257 Doug Harris          Re: Letter from John Gilkey
11-013601   Re: Russian Circus comes to town
11-022438   Re: numbers studs
11-024733 "C Wright"           Re: Spot the difference....
11-122716 andrine              FKB's Club Sandwich in SF
11-132807 Chris Raper          Re: Spot the difference....
11-165101 HapB199              Volunteer juggler, West Orange NJ
11-165933 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Big Apple Circus Question
11-170610 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Juggling in books, a new Lord Meren mystery
11-173059 R Ward               Re: Cleaning crystals
11-201155 Webmaster            Are there any jugglers out there in the Boise,

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