Rec.Juggling Archive, May 9, 1996

09-004047 Alan Morgan          Re: BJC96 Edinburgh Review, Part VI - and How
09-004656 Heather Tunney       Re: numbers studs
09-010136 Heather Tunney       5551
09-034338 Jo McBride or Jesse  Q: what are some good materials for flaming de
09-034803 "C Wright"           MM_STD - the hand movement tutorial ...
09-042742 Andrew John Conway   Letter from John Gilkey
09-043952 Paul Halter          Re: numbers studs
09-051008 Heather Michelle Sot Re: GIZMO GUYS SHOW-NYC 5/4!!!
09-052242 Scott Hone           Re: doubles
09-053641 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Re: Inverted mess/funky mess
09-055951 Tom "Tom" Harrington Re: WRITERS!
09-090748 Alan MacDonald       Re: 5 ball endurance - how is it done???
09-111230 CJ Juggler           Random Notes , Cirque etc
09-111724 Simon Tatham         Re: What kind of clubs do I have?
09-124924 Chris Raper          Re: Juggling on Television  (UK - Open Univers
09-124928 Chris Raper          Spot the difference....
09-124931 Chris Raper          Re: Inverted mess/funky mess
09-151442 "C Wright"           Re: Juggling on TV; BBC UK
09-154150 "C Wright"           Re: Juggling on Television  (UK - Open Univers
09-154153 "C Wright"           Re: 4 ball Miss Mess
09-162456 Shaun Heveron        New Juggling Group - Farnham, UK
09-170230 Angus Lamond         Re: Ed Review Sorry -
09-172036 Doug Harris          Re: What kind of clubs do I have?
09-172902 John J Lee           Re: Inverted mess/funky mess
09-184531 Innocent X           Re: Juggling Junkie Homepage
09-191345 Francis Favorini     Re: numbers studs
09-195530 Mats Rydgren         Re: beanbag vs. ball
09-201822 Michael Naylor       Balancing tips?
09-202734 Michael Naylor       Re: Club Juggling
09-213043 Re: death of a Todd Smith European...
09-214044 Jonathan I. Perry    Re: Ed Review Sorry -
09-230255 TIEMANN BRUCE        More reverse cacasdes. fountains; 5 5 5 1 back
09-231426 Nathan Hoover        Re: numbers studs
09-231756 Silverfish           Re: What kind of clubs do I have?
09-235312 "Philip Broder"      5 balls anyone

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