Rec.Juggling Archive, May 1, 1996

01-000412 Tim Sheppard         Re: 5 ball endurance - how is it done???
01-000641 Bell Cecelia         personal favor for the chicken guy?
01-001915 mini mansell         Re: books, ...
01-013232 Andrew John Conway   Re: Zen balls and juggling softaware
01-030926 Lbodz                Re: Diabolo String.
01-032843 Joran Elias          Re: 4 ball Miss Mess
01-034137 Curtis Miller        Jugglers in Savannah
01-040018   IJA Festival Show Lineup
01-060848 Steven K. Kasow      Re: 4 ball Miss Mess
01-080044 Juggling Information rec.juggling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
01-095517 Simon Richard Fox    Cheap 5 ball behind the back
01-114548 "C Wright"           Re: 4 ball Miss Mess
01-135000 Johnny Hopper        Edinburgh Review from our side of things
01-141735 Johnny Hopper        Ed Review (readable this time
01-142545 Dave Budd            Re: any good juggling videos?
01-150853 Mark Tillotson       Re: Diabolo String.
01-151529 Paolo Dei Giudici    One-sided diabolo
01-183645 Sandy Candioglos     Re: New Juggler (perhaps)
01-212119 "C Wright"           Re: time reversed MM and other Mike Day horror

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