Rec.Juggling Archive, April 27, 1996

27-010045 Dusty712             Re: Passing Zone/JW trivia question
27-012957 Silverfish           Re: Looking for Pogo-Stick's manufacturer.
27-020354 Matt Brubeck         Re: Help on juggling 4 balls,can't seem to get
27-030842 Re: Help on juggling 4 balls,can't seem to get
27-032659 Lorelei16            Re: Qusetion About Latest Juggler's World
27-073818 Webmaster            A juggling video mentioned at the Portland Jug
27-074619 Webmaster            A guide to siteswaps?
27-092200 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Re: "strong" siteswap rules, I guess
27-112946 Re: JIS Committee on Numbers - 4th week
27-115117 Re: a performance question
27-134313 "C Wright"           Re: Portland Juggling Festival
27-144753 Matt Billmers        Re: a performance question
27-154621 Robbie Berks         Re: inverted mills ?
27-155444 Torbj|rn Andersson   Re: CHAINSAWS
27-182843 Lbodz                Re: Diabolo String.
27-192908 Scott Haney          Re: Worst juggling site
27-214018 Jlroddy              Re: New Juggler (perhaps)
27-224135 "C Wright"           Re: books, ...
27-224137 "C Wright"           Re: Juggling on Television  (UK - Open Univers
27-224140 "C Wright"           Re: 4 ball half shower
27-232130 Catherine A. DePasqu juggling info wanted for massachusetts
27-232222 David Critchfield    Virginia Ren Faire

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