Rec.Juggling Archive, April 22, 1996

22-031609 Gregory Cohen        Re: yo-yo mailing list
22-060211 Rodirick             Re: Diabolo String.
22-060954 Andrew John Conway   Re: Conventions in the US in September
22-060957 Andrew John Conway   Re: Francoise fundraiser?
22-070930 Casten von Otter     Juggling E-Zine
22-072502 Michael Ferguson     Re: Fergie Bags
22-141347 Rob Stone            A Brief History of Time (in the UK Juggling Ma
22-142544 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Re: Been doing MM wrong.
22-145104 Stan Charisma        Re: Rubber band trick
22-145341 Stan Charisma        Re: Diabolo String.
22-163008 Bell Cecelia         i hate to ask a dumb question, but..
22-163231 Rob Stone            My 9th BJC review - LONG - no really very long
22-170401 Barrie Martindale    New Juggler (definitely)
22-202124 Balls-up!            Re: Getting your balls through customs!
22-203304 Balls-up!            Re: physical juggle puzzler
22-204313 Balls-up!            Re: 5 ball juggling(best advice)
22-205647 Balls-up!            Re: A Brief History of Time (in the UK Jugglin

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