Rec.Juggling Archive, April 21, 1996

21-000014 Jake Olefsky         Re: Rubber band trick
21-013733 Ross Schulman        Juggling in New York
21-083625 Re: New Juggler (perhaps)
21-094201 Rick Rubenstein      Re: Been doing MM wrong.
21-094508 Rick Rubenstein      Video of Isla Vista show?
21-102834 Rick Rubenstein      Francoise fundraiser?
21-111832 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Re: Diabolo history (Thai??)
21-114934 "C Wright"           Re: Mills mess question
21-154050 Bell Cecelia         audience member wounds me
21-154206 John J Lee           Re: 5 Ball Tricks
21-163255 Tim R.               Re: Exerball recommendations
21-170545         Who to See In VEGAS??
21-171211 Stewart Hutton       BJC96 Recovery Plan
21-171449 Stewart Hutton       Re: Juggling on Television  (UK - Open Univers
21-184034 Damian Gryski        Re: Rubber band trick
21-200830 Bean                 Diabolo String.
21-210427 Barry Bakalor        Re: Alterate to JIS web site?
21-231823 Lbodz                Re: Diabolo String.

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