Rec.Juggling Archive, April 19, 1996

19-002828 "Philip Broder"      Re: Mills mess question
19-032905 Doug Harris          Re: IMPORTANT: JIS Festival maintenance info
19-035616         Re: Any Help for 5 balls for newbie?
19-085438 R Biegler            Re: 9th BJC review
19-132758 Brian D Milner       A Brief History of Time (in the UK Juggling Ma
19-133325 Brian D Milner       Re: 5 ball juggling
19-160524 Billy Ray Cypress Hi I want used books
19-175149 Barrie Martindale    New Juggler (perhaps)
19-183047 Casten von Otter     Juggling E-Zine
19-191110 Timothy              Any jugglers in Atlanta?
19-201028 David Covin          Re: New Juggler (perhaps)
19-201558 Stan Charisma        Re: BJC '96 Quick Review
19-221309 Rodney Barton        Re: New Juggler (perhaps)
19-224958 "C Wright"           Re: 5 ball juggling

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