Rec.Juggling Archive, April 18, 1996

18-002214 TIEMANN BRUCE        The numbers have to add up, but to what? and a
18-004955 "C Wright"           Looking for ...
18-005923 Rupert Voelcker      IMPORTANT: JIS Festival maintenance info
18-030840 David Critchfield    Hotels in Rapid City
18-052017 Gregory Cohen        yo-yo mailing list
18-113706 Rick Rubenstein,rick Re: Passing in Colorado, and in the Rules.
18-132541 Keith Simister       Mushypea Juggling Co IS closing down
18-142331 H.M. Fitt            Re: Getting your balls through customs!
18-154053 Andrew John Conway   Re: Portland Juggling Festival
18-170917 Brian D Milner       Re: Mushy Pea (was: 9th BJC review - Edinburgh
18-181326 Pat Nealy            Re: Mills mess question
18-185554 Chris Raper          Re: Getting your balls through customs!
18-203735 Matt Brubeck         Re: Portland Juggling Festival
18-221459 "C Wright"           Re: Mills mess question
18-224457 TIEMANN BRUCE        2000 years, conventions, and the 2.
18-224534 freejack             Re: Exerball recommendations

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