Rec.Juggling Archive, April 4, 1996

04-004038 Looking for Cyril Bartollo
04-053735 Jive                 yo-yo groups???
04-065112 Questaroni           To: SF Bay Area Jugglers
04-132840 bfahs                Jugglers In Birmingham?
04-133239 bfahs                Re: NEW ORLEANS AREA
04-175037 Phillip Burgess      Re: Todd Smith Elan Clubs
04-175151 Francis Favorini     Re: TAO STIX: THE BEST DEVIL STICKS IN THE WOR
04-185020 Martin B Phelps      Announcement: Rochester Juggle-In
04-220725 "C Wright"           Re: New baby-juggling trick, and multiplex not
04-234531 Dusty712             Re: Getting your balls through customs!
04-235118 GbNs                 Testing

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