Rec.Juggling Archive, April 1, 1996

01-002815 Dr Phil Gurney       Re: how do I hold six balls in one hand
01-011428 Lbodz                Re: Performers patter - All the same ??
01-053051 B Case 02            Re: Alterate to JIS web site?
01-064733 The Edible Dormouse  Re: uk != England
01-065932 CJ Juggler           Who Are They?
01-080712 Juggling Information rec.juggling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
01-110244 Andrew John Conway   Re: Thoughts on the IJA Roster
01-130111 Monika E. Kolodziej  MobileHometoRapidCity
01-153433 Francis Favorini     Re: JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling
01-175030 Casten von Otter     Re: Alterate to JIS web site?
01-192924 Steve Cranmer        Re: Sod busters
01-201831 P.A.Thomas           Re: uk != England
01-202728 m. bell              where can i buy a decent set of clubs?
01-220533 DJAG2000             Todd Smith Elan Clubs
01-225012 Lbodz                Juggling Arts info please.
01-230347 boycub               Williamsburg
01-233317 "C Wright"           Re: whence; ...

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