Rec.Juggling Archive, March 22, 1996

22-002158 Alan Morgan          Re: JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling
22-023051 Thomas Hawtin        Re: Holzman tip # 137 on odd and even numbers
22-032726 Dave Walbridge       Re: Partners for pin passing
22-041306 Brent Andrew Cox     Re: Juggling (or lack thereof) in malls
22-072602 Barry Bakalor        Re: Alterate to JIS web site?
22-075414 Andrew John Conway   Hall of Fame - Francis Brunn
22-120630 Lars Burgstahler     Gaukler Spektakel, Stuttgart Germany
22-124147 Balls-up!            Re: Devil Sticks and Devil Toss (Diabolo) prof
22-125259 Kiran Oza            test
22-125518 Gisli Leifsson       Re: Reverse Cascade with clubs
22-142743 JuggleJoy            Info on Purchasing Sound Equipment for the Ent
22-153045 David Covin          Re: Cheap "alternative" balls?
22-162040 H Fawcett            VEGAS MUSIC
22-170318 P. Gibbs at York Uni Re: Holzman tip # 137 on odd and even numbers
22-181254 TIEMANN BRUCE        English; Rapid City's draw; juggling 16; club 
22-191435 G.S.Sinclair         Re: Is Music important at a juggling conventio
22-192221 bakalor mark russell Re: VEGAS MUSIC
22-213917 Re: Was Re: Contact Juggling
22-214531 Re: Gerry Shugart goes over the top.
22-222405 Re: Contact Juggling Question

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