Rec.Juggling Archive, March 16, 1996

16-003913 MuffinHead           Re: Newbie
16-010859 Michael Ferguson     Re: IJA Rosters in Europe
16-015621 Bean                 What about the "Radical Fish" diabolo (was Ren
16-020424 Bean                 Re: Devil Sticks and Devil Toss (Diabolo) prof
16-031518 Dusty712             Information Please on The Gentleman Jugglers
16-055715 Media concepts of amateur jugglers (Was: Karam
16-060222 Re: Washing Dube Stage Balls
16-063250 Heather Tunney       Re: Juggling in Osaka/Kyoto
16-070909 JKalvan              Re: physical juggle puzzler
16-085127 Ryan E Bailey        Free Classified - No Strings Attached
16-100919 Martin Frost         Re: Is Music important at a juggling conventio
16-101330 Harold Jarvie        Searching for Richard Dearden in Vancouver
16-110152 Mark Headley         Four Balls And Contact Juggling
16-124035 Gerald R. Martin     Re: RANT: Multiple Fests Same Damn Weekend
16-174229 Duncan A. MacDonald  how 4 balls
16-182734 Casten von Otter     Re: i am having trouble starting 7 balls, does
16-201747 Re: The Gizmo Guys
16-202420 Re: Newbie
16-203150 Re: Well
16-213439 Heather Tunney       Re: Unoriginality; c.j./j. hybrid; convention 
16-214907 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Re: Georgian Shuffle
16-214910 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Re: Georgian Shuffle

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