Rec.Juggling Archive, March 4, 1996

04-012342 Adam  Bender         Beginner juggler
04-015534 Dusty712             Great TV Shows
04-094604 Rupert Voelcker      Re: rec.juggling archive?
04-095609 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Re: Where was the women only convention???
04-104039 David Neilson Tait J I Need Clubs: In Austin Tx.
04-111351 Rupert Voelcker      Latest JIS Festival Update
04-130057 Stuy                 Fire eating (torches)
04-130058 Stuy                 Fire eating (torches)
04-130714 Heather Tunney       Re: Stretching before juggling
04-135554 Stan Charisma        Re: Rules for Combat?
04-140220 Stan Charisma        Re: alt.circus.arts
04-140353 Stan Charisma        Re: Where was the women only convention???
04-140450 Stan Charisma        Re: Stretching before juggling
04-141329 THE REDCOAT JUGGLER  Michael Menes on TV.
04-151349 l. thomas            Re: Where was the women only convention???
04-152156 John J Lee           Re: Rules for Combat?
04-165615 Critter              Homemade excerballs
04-172936 Robbie Berks         Re: 4th Annual UW Juggling Festival
04-180925 Simon Tatham         Re: Beginner juggler
04-183131 Magnus Dehli         Re: Fire eating (torches)
04-184915 Nathan Collins       Re: NEED CLUBS
04-201435 Steven Athearn       Can Biljauer do nine?
04-202030 SH Carter            Re: alt.circus.arts
04-211022 Graham Swallow       Re: Stretching before juggling
04-230253 Steven Athearn       Re: [REPOST]Japan Plate-spinning Society
04-233513 rob                  Re: Karamazovs on "Seinfeld"

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