Rec.Juggling Archive, March 1, 1996

01-001618 TIEMANN BRUCE        Unusual things juggled...
01-050840 David Linton         Re: Rules for Combat?
01-074418 Simon Richard Fox    Re: some numbers problems
01-080022 Juggling Information rec.juggling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
01-080659 Michael Ferguson     Re: RANT: Multiple Fests Same Damn Weekend
01-110033 96275069@brt.deakin. RE: Juggling while Parachuting
01-121407 CHEEZY QUAVER        Re: ANNOUNCE: Balls-up! digest.
01-130127 Colin Patience       Re: Juggling while Parachuting
01-133118 Timothy E Vaughan    Stretching before juggling
01-145301 Timothy E Vaughan    Simple multiple-height patterns
01-152155 , Christopher Kush   Three questions
01-152746 Rob Stone            Re: donald grant on telly
01-154624 "C Wright"           Re: Mathematics of Bounce Juggling?
01-161802 Derek Bosch          Re: Mathematics of Bounce Juggling?
01-162732 Balls-up!            Re: ANNOUNCE: Balls-up! digest.
01-162904 David 'Mort' Mortman Re: Unusual objects juggled
01-174924 Alan MacDonald       Re: Is Music important at a juggling conventio
01-175924 Michael William Buks Re: Simple multiple-height patterns
01-185000 G.S.Sinclair         Re: Is Music important at a juggling conventio
01-185348 G.S.Sinclair         Re: How to earn money???
01-195533 April James          Re: grad school juggling
01-201029 Simon Tatham         Re: Simple multiple-height patterns
01-221013 l. thomas            Re: grad school juggling
01-223336 Paul Halter          RE: Juggling while Parachuting
01-232902 Bruce Christofferson Re: Juggling on tv

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