Rec.Juggling Archive, February 26, 1996

26-002828 Joey Whitford        Re: grad school juggling
26-043935   Re: Mile High Club for juggling?
26-044914   Re: Watch Mister Rogers' Neighborhood on 2/20
26-050916   Re: the quest for the 3-up pirouette
26-053636 Jonathan I. Perry    Preface to review of VA Tech Fest
26-054532 DKlin11414           Attn all jugglers in the Tri-State area...(NY,
26-064349 The Edible Dormouse  Re: fire eating
26-080621 Tom Cronin           Re: Juggling while Parachuting
26-112154 DJAG2000             How to earn money???
26-112455 DJAG2000             NEW Rochelle Circus
26-124641 Michael Ferguson     Re:  some numbers problems
26-130852 AJ. Dorn             Re: 8clubs, 5/3, passing a bit
26-131814 AJ. Dorn             Re: head bounce balls
26-140750 Balls-up!            Re: fire eating
26-141333 NY Fed Research 3    Re: the quest for the 3-up pirouette
26-142118 Balls-up!            Re: any info on GENDER DIFFERENCES?
26-142612 James Christian Stoc Club passing notation
26-144244 Re: head bounce balls
26-144659 Balls-up!            Re: new product
26-151635 Balls-up!            Re: ultimate var.
26-151702 l. thomas            Re: Watch Mister Rogers' Neighborhood on 2/20
26-152738 Johnny Hopper        Is Music important at a juggling convention?
26-155038 SH Carter            Alt.Circus.Arts!  Where are you?
26-155917 , Christopher Kush   Advice for beginning clubs
26-164710 David Linton         Re: Rules for Combat?
26-171441 Allen Knutson        Re: As I was saying...
26-171732 Allen Knutson        Re: IJA COMPETITIONS ANNOUNCEMENT
26-172142 Timothy E Vaughan    Re: Juggling while Parachuting
26-172417 Allen Knutson        Re: some numbers problems
26-172912 Balls-up!            Re: Juggling while Parachuting
26-173303 Allen Knutson        Re: Rules for Combat?
26-175135 Francis Favorini     Re: HELP ON 5 CLUBS\ 7 HOOPS!
26-181150 John J Lee           Re: Rules for Combat?
26-181510 Joseph Felber        Re: Juggling while Parachuting
26-182140 Mambo                Comic juggler needed for tour
26-185632 Alan Morgan          Re: Juggling while Parachuting
26-210553 "C Wright"           Re: Club passing notation
26-220823 Graham Swallow       Re: HELP ON 5 CLUBS\ 7 HOOPS!
26-222747 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Article about Avner

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