Rec.Juggling Archive, February 24, 1996

24-013500 STEVE SEGUIN         head bounce balls
24-015827 Don Wagner           Re: Juggling torches
24-035407 Re: Juggling while Parachuting
24-063044 Phleg Boy            Re: Juggling while Parachuting
24-063534 Phleg Boy            Re: juggling in asia
24-092532 "Alan Simkins"       Re: Mile High Club for juggling?
24-111153 Darwin Teague        juggler on Mr. Rogers
24-125527 AJ. Dorn             Re: 8clubs, 5/3, passing a bit
24-155518 THolmgr590           Re: Any STATS on M/F RATIO of jugglers?
24-172047 "Alan Simkins"       Re: 8clubs, 5/3, passing a bit
24-172850 Michael Ferguson     A message to the Elbonians amongst us
24-183009 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: some numbers problems
24-183112 tma2@Lehigh.EDU      Re: grad school juggling
24-185335 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: Rules for Combat?
24-210929 Alan Morgan          Re: Juggling while Parachuting
24-225516 Wolfgang Schebeczek  Re: Jugglers on postage stamps

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