Rec.Juggling Archive, February 23, 1996

23-030250 Andrew John Conway   Re: fire eating
23-043924 Scott Malone         Re: "juggling," the *other* mile-high club, 12
23-044421   Re: Letter from Mexico?
23-045221   Re: fire eating
23-050743   Re: Juggling while Parachuting
23-071830 CThomp1442           Re: Carter Juggles on ER
23-071951 CThomp1442           Re: New (old for me) juggling via pogostick
23-073200 CThomp1442           Re: 3 ball juggling help (beginner)
23-094821 Rob Stone            Re: The "Fast-Slow" Pattern for Club Passing
23-094854 Andrew John Conway   Re: Letter from Mexico?
23-103257 C.N. Eberhardt       Re: Juggling while Parachuting
23-130833 Mark Wiggins         Re: Juggling while Parachuting
23-133141 AJ. Dorn             Re: The "Fast-Slow" Pattern for Club Passing
23-133458 Rob Street           8clubs, 5/3, passing a bit
23-135340 Paul Derham Cook     Re: Spinning torches correctly.
23-140232 Paul Derham Cook     Re: Juggling while Parachuting
23-142213 Rupert Voelcker      Latest updates to the JIS fest pages
23-174530 JKalvan              Torch Spin - AHA!
23-185405 Nathan Hoover        Re: As I was saying...
23-185957 James Brokaw         Re: Juggling torches
23-190014 Ice Princess         the quest for the 3-up pirouette
23-190141 Heather Tunney       Re: Juggling while Parachuting
23-191024 James Brokaw         Re: Juggling while Parachuting
23-193230 April James          grad school juggling
23-212445 Simon Tatham         Re: Juggling while Parachuting
23-232830 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: An Open Letter to Gerald Shugart

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