Rec.Juggling Archive, February 22, 1996

22-005744 James Brokaw         Re: fire eating
22-010257 James Brokaw         Re: Rules for Combat?
22-022218 Scott Hone           Re: Juggling torches
22-022938 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: some numbers problems
22-030059 Alan Fetters         Re: "juggling," the *other* mile-high club, 12
22-034525 Rhett Farber         juggling around asia
22-041426 Rhett Farber         juggling in asia
22-075943 Julian Orbach        Re: Spinning torches correctly.
22-103216 Re: fire eating
22-103801 Rob Stone            Re: York Convention Review and Thanks + lost p
22-112555 CHEEZY QUAVER        Re: re:fire eating
22-114052 CHEEZY QUAVER        Re: fire eating. APOLOGY.
22-114344 Warren Lavallee      RESULT: passes 192:39
22-130744 Johnny Hopper        Juggling while Parachuting
22-142600 tma2@Lehigh.EDU      Re: Juggling while Parachuting
22-150303 Rupert Voelcker      Latest JIS Fest Update - VT Tech Leap Day Fest
22-154735 James Christian Stoc The "Fast-Slow" Pattern for Club Passing
22-181607 Alan Morgan          Re: "juggling," the *other* mile-high club, 12
22-194045 Timothy E Vaughan    Re: Juggling while Parachuting
22-195403 Stephen Coughlan     Re: Juggling while Parachuting
22-204616 Don Lewis            Re: juggling while parachuting

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