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15-010000 Matt Brubeck         Re: spam
15-012356 David 'Mort' Mortman Juggling Cults was (Re: A Quote from Ronald Gr
15-023314 Jim Lloyd            Re: Lessons from the art of jug
15-024313 Andrew John Conway   Re: Mile High Club for juggling?
15-030727 Keith D. Grimes      Hello! At LAST!!!
15-031353 Keith D. Grimes      Hand Injuries and Contact Juggling
15-032835 Tarim                Re: British Convention Update
15-042445 Alan Fetters         Re: Interesting juggling questi
15-045107 B.J.                 Re: what is combat?
15-054235 Breffni Baggot       Balloon Balls - invalid patent?
15-062706 Andrew John Conway   Re: Letter from Mexico?
15-062822 Alan Morgan          Re: As I was saying...
15-070705 JACQUES NMN POKOYK   flying trapeze
15-102232 "C Wright"           Re: Mile High Club for juggling?
15-125012 Gerald R. Martin     Re: Interesting juggling question
15-131520 Balls-up!            Re: How to make Flower Sticks
15-131806 Balls-up!            Re: help, brit jug fest
15-132908 Balls-up!            Re: 3 ball juggling help (beginner)
15-133512 Balls-up!            This homepage is up again.!
15-140047 tma2@Lehigh.EDU      Re: As I was saying...
15-140203 Balls-up!            Re: webbed feet
15-140331 Balls-up!            Re: Semcycles are's all hype. (NOT
15-144547 Tom Raymond          Clown mailing list?
15-144856 Balls-up!            What should I do????
15-161410 A4411DAL@AWIUNI11.ED Juggling in Montreal
15-163145 Dave Walbridge       Re: Mile High Club for juggling?
15-163705 Dave Walbridge       MONDO jugglefest: a review in three parts...
15-163725 Rob Stone            York Convention - Internet stuff
15-175316 Balls-up!            Re: contact
15-175940 Re: Letter from Mexico?
15-213827 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Letter from Mexico?
15-220746 Alan Morgan          Re: Interesting juggling question

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