Rec.Juggling Archive, February 12, 1996

12-004100 Eric Promislow       Say It Ain't So
12-015550 Andrew John Conway   Re: dube clubs
12-020059 KSaliter             Re: dube clubs
12-023750 Joseph Felber        Re: Ken Burke Speaks
12-032541 Daniel Collins       (no subject)
12-040347 Andrew John Conway   Re: Letter from Mexico?
12-054656 Ice Princess         review-Pittsburgh Fest...
12-065403 Michael Ferguson     Re:  Balloon Balls - invalid patent?
12-074637 Gerald Shifrin       A few tips...
12-083842 Michael Ferguson     Re: Letter from Mexico?
12-090912 Re: Letter from Mexico?
12-100828 Brian D Milner       Re: British Convention Update
12-104804 Paul Derham Cook     Re: Anyone know some nice simple 5 ball multip
12-121356 Greg McMahan         Re: CIRCUS NEWS GROUP ?
12-121515 C.N. Eberhardt       Re: spam
12-143636 Brad McDowell        Lessons from the art of juggling
12-144130 tma2@Lehigh.EDU      Re: spam
12-144644 Balls-up!            Re: How to make Flower Sticks
12-151412 Balls-up!            Re: Painful Thumb
12-153211 l. thomas            Re: British Convention Update
12-161120 Balls-up!            Semcycles are's all hype.
12-161149 Chlebo               Chicago area jugglers??
12-161328 Balls-up!            Re: help, brit jug fest
12-161600 NY Fed Research 3    Re: dube clubs
12-162604 Balls-up!            Re: webbed feet
12-164427 Bill Giduz           Mr. E's Night of the Juggler
12-165429 Johnny Hopper        Re: BJC 96 - Edinburgh too far North?
12-170500 Gregory Edwards      Re: British Convention Update
12-173925 John J Lee           Re: Semcycles are's all hype.
12-201039 Jonathan M Poppele   MONDO Jugglefest Report
12-210727 David 'Mort' Mortman Re: Chicago area jugglers??
12-230034       New (old for me) juggling via pogostick
12-230041       New (old for me) juggling via pogostick
12-231148 Rob Brown            Re: Semcycles are's all hype. (NOT
12-231707 CJ Juggler           Re: CIRCUS NEWS GROUP ?
12-234642 Grant Mathieson      Jugglease 10AM-4PM Sat 17 Feb

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