Rec.Juggling Archive, February 6, 1996

06-000425 Mark Douches         Belmar NJ Juggler
06-001503 John J Lee           Re: Juggling Five balls
06-021502 Tom Stockfisch       Re: Painful Thumb
06-034652 F. Bleier            Juggling Schools
06-070020 Dr Phil Gurney       Re: help: 3 in one hand
06-085131 Colin Patience       MY SAD NAME
06-085430 Colin Patience       Btrkes Barrage and Mills Mess.
06-085433 Jennings B           re:juggling in
06-091548 Colin Patience       Juggling in Hong Kong.
06-102155 Johnny Hopper        Workshops for the BJC
06-103526 Rob Stone            Re: Lipson's Death Blow (was: Burke's Barrage 
06-115624 Rodirick             Moschen vid & Astroballs
06-115659 Rodirick             Ken Burke Speaks
06-134923 Rupert Voelcker      Kent Uni (UK) Convention Updated
06-164801 Alan MacDonald       Re: Workshops for the BJC
06-171543 Keith Simister       Re: Burke's Barrage - Identity Crises
06-185415 Matthew Paradise     Re: Moschen vid & Astroballs
06-191521 Alan Morgan          Re: Metronomes, and the Juggler's Prime Direct
06-191925 John Kennett         Re: Cirque du Soleil on UK TV
06-200318 Nathan Collins       teaching juggling TONIGHT!
06-212109 Charlie Dancey       Re: Ken Burke Speaks
06-215014 Nathan Hoover        Re: 3 ball juggling help (beginner)
06-231929 "Andrew Lipson"      Re: Lipson's Death Blow (was: Burke's Barrage 

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