Rec.Juggling Archive, January 25, 1996

25-001236 "C Wright"           Re: help for a hard trick
25-003855 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Now what?
25-055025 Sherry Beauchamp     Unicycle Information and Advice
25-094451 Rob Griffiths        FAQ
25-094902 Rob Griffiths        FAQ
25-095619 Dave Budd            Re: Re:IRC #juggle
25-100749 Colin Patience       Re: Breaking in balls....
25-101121 Colin Patience       Re: Dubie's MELT!
25-113003 Rob Street           York Convention Sun Feb 18th
25-142849 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Fest Updates on the JIS
25-152912 Andrew John Conway   Paul Cinquevalli in the Juggling Hall of Fame
25-172246 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Fest Updates on the JIS
25-173303  Re: Unicycle Information and Advice
25-183316 Matt Verrochi        Re: Lots of nice girls here.
25-195938 Daniel B.            Re: The Juggling Axe
25-201736 Daniel B.            Re: Best filling for "baloon" balls?
25-202851 Bill Giduz           jobs for devilstickers
25-202929 Tom Stockfisch       Re: Anybody go to the IJA Winterfest?
25-203241 Frédéric Grange      juggle, flash and bounce
25-204357 martin               Help with difficult one ball trick!
25-204658 John J Lee           Colour changing beanbags/Do spotlights grow?
25-223009 Daniel B.            The Juggling Sickle

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