Rec.Juggling Archive, January 24, 1996

24-020317 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Cirque du Soleil
24-030139 Scott Malone         Re: Juggling music
24-044048 Andrew John Conway   Re: Anybody go to the IJA Winterfest?
24-104713 Rob Stone            IRC #juggle
24-153917 Dave Budd            Re: IRC #juggle
24-164840 Bordet Stevens       Stilts
24-172802 Devin J Balkcom      Re: Juggling music
24-183330 JOHN SCHAPPERT       Jugglers in Belmar NJ
24-185026 Mr G R Clarke        Re:IRC #juggle
24-191815 Simon Tatham         Re: help for a hard trick
24-193629 Arnold Cazemier      Re: Need vid or explanation of mill's mess.
24-213523 Benjamin Young       Re: Juggling Balls
24-214649 Paul A. Owen         Re: Lots of nice girls here.

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