Rec.Juggling Archive, January 23, 1996

23-000119 Kenneth P Payson     Updates on the Pittsbugh Juggling Festival
23-002556 Kenneth P Payson     Hotels in Pittsburgh fo the festival
23-004935 Kenneth P Payson     The Pittsburgh Fest is Free
23-011952   Re: Dubie's MELT!
23-013136 TIEMANN BRUCE        Gatto's practice tech.; juggling axes; and MM 
23-023146 Michael Massimino    Michael Moschen performance?
23-041257 Thomas W. Geoghegan, Re: Michael Moschen performance?
23-042420 MadNanny             berkeley
23-064133 The Edible Dormouse  Re: Cirque de Soleil
23-110205 Re: Juggling music
23-120250 David Polley         Cirque de soliel
23-125332 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Festival Updates on the JIS
23-130835 Gisli Leifsson       Re: Need vid or explanation of mill's mess.
23-133901 Eddie Siefker        Now what?
23-144346 M.J. Harper          help for a hard trick
23-152253 John Kennett         Momentous news!
23-162948 Daniel K. Cunningham Test - ignore
23-163449 psykey               Juggling Balls
23-174354 Paul Halter          The progress of a young juggler
23-175145 Ice Princess         Re: Juggling music
23-182433 Dan McDonald         Re: The progress of a young juggler
23-192752 Jay Jennings         Re: Anybody go to the IJA Winterfest?
23-225509 "Andrew Lipson"      Re: The progress of a young juggler
23-232735 Dave Walbridge       MONDO jugglefest

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