Rec.Juggling Archive, January 22, 1996

22-005748   IJA 1996/97 Festival Info
22-012412 MICHELLE HUSKINS     Planet Mirth is now on the web!
22-013031   Vegas Fest on TV!!!
22-021422 Marcus P Hertlein    Re: Dubie's MELT!
22-023608 SQUID & MARITA MITCH Schools
22-055251 Andrew John Conway   Re: Anybody go to the IJA Winterfest?
22-102942 A4411DAL@AWIUNI11.ED Re: Cirque de Soleil
22-123438 Alan MacDonald       Re: Dubie's MELT!
22-140518 Andrew John Conway   Re: Dubie's MELT!
22-142830 Rupert Voelcker      Re: Pittsbrgh fest on Feb. 10th?
22-144831 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Updates to the JIS Festival Pages
22-145854 Rupert Voelcker      Jan/Feb Festivals on the JIS
22-155925 Dave Budd            Re: Dubie's MELT!
22-231455 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Mills Mess whilst passing
22-231811 Kenneth P Payson     Directions to the Pittsburgh Juggling Festival

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